Từ vựng IELTS Writing & Speaking chủ đề City & Countryside

City Life là một chủ đề thường được lựa chọn là đề thi trong IELTS Writing hoặc Speaking. Trong bài viết này, hãy cùng IELTS Thanh Loan học những từ vựng hay và phổ biến cho chủ đề City/ Countryside bạn nhé. 

Thành phố có gì? 

Lưu ý:
  • Với những danh từ (noun), động từ (verb) …. được chia sẻ trong bài viết này, bạn hoàn toàn có thể sử dụng trong cả Writing và Speaking 
  • Tuy nhiên, với những từ vựng mà mình lưu ý là thành ngữ (idiom) hoặc là từ vựng không trang trọng (informal) thì bạn chỉ sử dụng trong IELTS Speaking thôi nhé

1, sprawling city (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa:  a city that has grown over time and which covers a wide area 
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: thành phố rộng lớn 
  • Ví dụ: After merging with Ha Tay, Hanoi becomes a sprawling city.

2, run-down building (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a building in poor condition or in a state of disrepair.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tòa nhà xuống cấp
  • Ví dụ: The abandoned factory at the edge of town is a run-down building that used to be a thriving manufacturing facility.

3, residential area (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a locality where people live, characterized by housing and amenities.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: khu dân cư
  • Ví dụ: The new housing development on the outskirts of town is a peaceful residential area with modern homes and green spaces.

4, pavement cafes (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: part of a café which is outdoors or on the pavement or sidewalk
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: quán cà phê bên đường 
  • Ví dụ: Ta Hien Street is lined with lively bars, fashionable clubs and pavement cafes.

5, imposing buildings (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: if you describe someone or something as imposing, you mean that they have an impressive appearance or manner.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: các tòa nhà lớn, đặc biệt 
  • Ví dụ: People living and working outside the imposing building have also benefited from its refurbishment.

6, quaint-old building (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: an old building that has charming or picturesque qualities.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tòa nhà cổ
  • Ví dụ: The quaint-old building in the historic district has been converted into a cozy café.

7, office block (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: A large building containing multiple offices and workspaces.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: Tòa nhà văn phòng
  • Ví dụ: The new office block downtown houses several businesses and startups.

8, industrial zone (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: an area zoned for industrial development
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: khu công nghiệp
  • Ví dụ: The industrial zone on the outskirts of the city is home to several automotive manufacturing plants.

9, high-rise flat (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a tall modern building with many floors
  • Nghĩa tiếng Việt: căn hộ chọc trời
  • Ví dụ: She lives on the 25th floor of a high-rise flat in the city center.

10, city skyline (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: the outline of buildings and structures against the sky as seen from a distance in an urban area.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: dãy nhà cao tầng thành phố
  • Ví dụ: The city skyline of New York is iconic, featuring towering skyscrapers and famous landmarks.

11, fashionable boutique (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a stylish and trendy small shop, often selling clothing or accessories.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: cửa hàng thời trang sang trọng
  • Ví dụ: She found a unique dress at the fashionable boutique on the corner of the street.

12, uptown /ˌʌpˈtaʊn/ (adj/ adv)

  • Định nghĩa: in or towards the northern part of a city or town, especially if there is not much business or industry there
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: thuộc khu phố trên
  • Ví dụ:  The upscale restaurants and boutiques are located uptown, away from the busier downtown area.

13, open space (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: an area of land that is undeveloped and free from buildings or structures.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: khu đất trống
  • Ví dụ: The city park provides a large open space where people can relax and play.

14, taxi rank /ˈtæksi ræŋk/ (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a designated area where taxis line up to pick up passengers.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: bãi đỗ taxi
  • Ví dụ: She waited at the taxi rank outside the train station to catch a ride to her hotel.

15, shopping mall (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a large enclosed building complex with multiple shops, stores, and eateries.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: trung tâm thương mại
  • Ví dụ: The new shopping mall features a wide range of stores, from fashion outlets to electronics shops.

16, subway station /ˈsʌb.weɪ ˈsteɪ.ʃən/  (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a place where people can access a subway or metro train.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: trạm xe điện ngầm
  • Ví dụ: I’ll meet you at the subway station closest to the museum entrance.

17, metropolitan area (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a large urban region that includes a central city and its surrounding suburbs.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: vùng đô thị lớn
  • Ví dụ: The greater Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to millions of residents and numerous cultural attractions.

18, upmarket shops (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: shops that sell high-quality, luxury, or premium products and cater to an affluent clientele.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: cửa hàng cao cấp
  • Ví dụ: The upmarket shops on Fifth Avenue offer designer clothing and accessories for discerning shoppers.

19, incessant roar (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a continuous and loud noise that doesn’t stop.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tiếng ồn không ngừng
  • Ví dụ: The city’s incessant roar of traffic and construction can be overwhelming to some visitors.

20, multi-story car park (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a parking facility with multiple levels or stories for parking vehicles.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: bãi đỗ xe nhiều tầng
  • Ví dụ: The mall’s multi-story car park can accommodate hundreds of vehicles.

21, chain stores (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: well-known brands with shops in multiple cities or locations.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: chuỗi cửa hàng
  • Ví dụ: Starbucks and McDonald’s are examples of chain stores with a global presence.

Mặt lợi/ hại khi sống ở thành phố 

1, traffic congestion = traffic jam (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a situation in which vehicles are heavily congested and unable to move smoothly on the road.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tắc nghẽn giao thông
  • Ví dụ: There was severe traffic congestion on the highway during rush hour, causing long delays for commuters.

2, bumper-to-bumper traffic (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a type of traffic jam in which the cars are so close together that their bumpers are practically touching one another
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: đường tắc đến mức các xe đứng rất sát nhau và đi rất chậm.
  • Ví dụ: The city’s downtown area was filled with bumper-to-bumper traffic due to a major event.

3, high cost of living (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a situation where the expenses required for basic necessities and services are relatively high.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: mức sống cao
  • Ví dụ: Many people move to the city for job opportunities despite the high cost of living.

4, lively/ bustling/ vibrant lifestyle (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a lifestyle characterized by energy, activity, and a lot of social interactions.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: lối sống sôi động
  • Ví dụ: New York City offers a lively lifestyle with its endless entertainment options and bustling nightlife.

5, overcrowded  /ˌəʊ.vəˈkraʊ.dɪd/ (adj)

  • Định nghĩa: containing too many people or things
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: quá đông, quá tải
  • Ví dụ: The world market for telecommunications is already overcrowded with businesses.

6, high standard of living (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a situation where people enjoy a good quality of life with access to various amenities and comforts.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: mức sống cao
  • Ví dụ: The country’s high standard of living is reflected in its excellent healthcare and education systems.

7, the rat race (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a way of life in modern society, in which people compete with each other for power and money
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: lối sống của xã hội hiện đại
  • Ví dụ: He decided to get out of the rat race, and went to work on a farm.

8, to suffer from social problems (verb phrase)

  • Suffer from social problems:
  • Định nghĩa: to experience negative issues within a society, such as poverty, crime, and inequality.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: gặp phải vấn đề xã hội
  • Ví dụ: The city’s growing population is suffering from social problems like unemployment and inadequate housing.

9, high crime (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a situation where there is a significant occurrence of criminal activities.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tội phạm cao
  • Ví dụ: Residents in that neighborhood often express concern about high crime rates and safety.

10, poverty rates (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: the percentage of a population living below the poverty line or lacking basic necessities.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tỷ lệ nghèo đói
  • Ví dụ: The government is working to reduce poverty rates by implementing social welfare programs.

11, poor air quality (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a condition where the air is polluted and not suitable for healthy breathing.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: chất lượng không khí kém
  • Ví dụ: The poor air quality in the industrial area is a result of emissions from factories and vehicles.

12, public transport systems (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: Systems of transportation that are accessible and available for use by the general public.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: Hệ thống giao thông công cộng
  • Ví dụ: The city invested in improving its public transport systems to reduce traffic congestion and promote eco-friendly commuting.

13, in search of work (prepositional phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: looking for employment opportunities or jobs.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: để tìm việc làm
  • Ví dụ: Many young people move to the city in search of work and better career prospects.

14, in the hope of having a better life (prepositional phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: with the expectation of improving one’s quality of life and circumstances.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: với hy vọng có một cuộc sống tốt đẹp hơn
  • Ví dụ: She immigrated to a new country in the hope of having a better life for her family.

15, environmental degradation (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: the deterioration of the environment, often caused by human activities.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: sự suy thoái môi trường
  • Ví dụ: The construction boom led to environmental degradation, with deforestation and pollution becoming major concerns.

16, at a higher risk of stress, depression, anxiety disorders (prepositional phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: more likely to experience stress, depression, and anxiety disorders.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: có nguy cơ cao bị căng thẳng, trầm cảm, rối loạn lo âu
  • Ví dụ: Individuals living in densely populated urban areas are at a higher risk of stress, depression, and anxiety disorders due to the fast-paced lifestyle and social pressures.

17, to lead a sedentary lifestyle (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to have a lifestyle characterized by little physical activity and a lot of time spent sitting or lying down.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: có một lối sống ít vận động
  • Ví dụ: Due to his desk job and lack of exercise, he tends to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

18, to live in slums or informal settlements (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to reside in overcrowded and often inadequate housing areas that lack proper infrastructure and services.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: sống trong khu ổ chuột hoặc khu định cư không chính thức
  • Ví dụ: Many families in this city live in slums or informal settlements on the outskirts due to housing shortages.

19, to be strewn with litter (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to be covered or scattered with trash and waste.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: ngập rác.
  • Ví dụ: The park, once beautiful, is now strewn with litter and has lost its appeal.

20, inadequate sewage facilities (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a lack of proper systems to manage and treat wastewater and sewage.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: cơ sở thoát nước không đầy đủ
  • Ví dụ: The area’s inadequate sewage facilities have led to water pollution and health issues.

21, water and sanitation problems (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: issues related to the availability of clean water and proper sanitation facilities.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: những vấn đề về nước và vệ sinh
  • Ví dụ: The community faces serious water and sanitation problems, with limited access to clean drinking water.

22, to have a wider gap between the rich and poor (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: the disparity in wealth and living conditions between affluent and less privileged segments of society is more pronounced.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: có khoảng cách rộng hơn giữa người giàu và người nghèo
  • Ví dụ: In some countries, economic policies have led to a wider gap between the rich and the poor.

23, to face financial difficulties = struggle financially (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to experience challenges in managing one’s finances and meeting basic needs due to limited resources.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: đối mặt với khó khăn tài chính
  • Ví dụ: After losing his job, he began to struggle financially and had trouble paying bills.

24, close to amenities such as shopping centres, cinemas, libraries (adj phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: located conveniently near facilities and services like shopping centers, movie theaters, and libraries.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: gần các tiện nghi như trung tâm mua sắm, rạp chiếu phim, thư viện
  • Ví dụ: The new apartment complex is situated close to various amenities, making it convenient for residents.

25, to have access to better educational facilities, medical services (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to be able to use high-quality educational institutions and healthcare services.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: được tiếp cận với các cơ sở giáo dục, dịch vụ y tế tốt hơn
  • Ví dụ: Living in the city allows families to have access to better educational facilities and medical care.

26, vibrant nightlife (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a lively and active entertainment scene during the evening and night.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: cuộc sống về đêm sôi động
  • Ví dụ: The city’s vibrant nightlife includes clubs, bars, and live music venues that stay open late.

Nông thôn có gì?

1, serene  /səˈriːn/ (adj)

  • Định nghĩa: peaceful and calm; worried by nothing
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: thanh bình
  • Ví dụ: He approached the job with the serene confidence that he could succeed where others had failed.

2, winding lane /’waindi / (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a narrow road or path that curves and twists.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: đường làng
  • Ví dụ: The village was surrounded by a picturesque winding lane that led to the center.

3, landscape  /ˈlænd.skeɪp/ (noun)

  • Định nghĩa:  large area of land, especially in relation to its appearance
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: phong cảnh
  • Ví dụ: Demolition firms and builders are busy changing urban landscapes.

4, canal /kəˈnæl/ (noun)

  • Định nghĩa: a long, thin stretch of water that is artificially made either for boats to travel along or for taking water from one area to another
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: kênh, sông, đào
  • Ví dụ: We walked along the canal for a couple of miles.

5, hill /hɪl/ (noun)

  • Định nghĩa: an area of land that is higher than the surrounding land
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: đồi, ngọn đồi
  • Ví dụ: In the summer, the shepherds move their sheep up into the hills

6, vast meadows (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: large open areas of grassland or pastureland.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: những đồng cỏ rộng lớn
  • Ví dụ: As we hiked through the mountains, we came across vast meadows where wildflowers were in full bloom.

7, magnificent waterfalls (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: stunning and impressive natural formations where water flows over a cliff or ledge.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: những thác nước tuyệt đẹp
  • Ví dụ: We followed the trail to reach the base of the magnificent waterfalls, where the water crashed with a powerful force.

8, dense forests (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: areas with a high concentration of trees and vegetation, creating a thick and lush environment.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: rừng cây rậm rạp
  • Ví dụ: Exploring the dense forests, we were surrounded by the sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves.

9, rich pastures (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: fertile fields of grass where animals can graze.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: những đồng cỏ chăn nuôi gia súc tươi tốt
  • Ví dụ: The cows grazed contentedly on the rich pastures, enjoying the fresh and nutritious grass.

10, folk games (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: traditional games that have been passed down through generations in a particular culture.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: trò chơi dân gian
  • Ví dụ: During the village fair, children participated in various folk games like sack races and tug-of-war.

11, shallow small ditches (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: low, narrow channels or trenches for water drainage.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: những con mương nhỏ
  • Ví dụ: The garden had shallow small ditches that directed rainwater away from the plants to prevent flooding.

12, well (noun)

  • Định nghĩa: a deep hole dug in the ground to reach a water source.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: giếng
  • Ví dụ: The ancient well in the village was a reliable source of fresh water for generations.

13, terraced field (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: an agricultural field that is built like steps on a slope, often used for cultivating crops.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: ruộng bậc thang
  • Ví dụ: The farmers skillfully carved terraced fields into the mountainside to grow rice in the hilly terrain.

14, livestock (noun)

  • Định nghĩa: domesticated animals raised on a farm for various purposes, such as food or labor.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: gia súc
  • Ví dụ: The farm had a diverse collection of livestock, including cows, goats, and chickens.

15, haystack /ˈheɪ.stæk/ (noun)

  • Định nghĩa: a stack or pile of dried grass or other plants used as animal feed or for bedding.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: đống cỏ khô
  • Ví dụ: After a long day of work in the fields, the farmers gathered the hay into a haystack for storage.

Mặt lợi/ hại khi sống ở nông thôn 

1, peaceful and fresh atmosphere (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a calm and refreshing environment.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: bầu không khí yên bình và trong lành
  • Ví dụ: The mountain retreat offered a peaceful and fresh atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

2, a strong sense of community (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a feeling of close connection and unity among a group of people.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: một tinh thần cộng đồng mạnh mẽ.
  • Ví dụ: The small village had a strong sense of community, with everyone helping and supporting each other.

3, to put one’s feet up (idiom)

  • Định nghĩa: to relax and take a break.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: thư giãn
  • Ví dụ: After a long day at work, I like to put my feet up and read a good book.

4, laid back (adj)

  • Định nghĩa: relaxed and easygoing in manner or attitude.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: thoải mái
  • Ví dụ: The atmosphere in the coastal town was laid back, with people taking their time to enjoy life.

5, to unplug (v)

  • Định nghĩa: to disconnect from technology or social media.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: rời xa khỏi các thiết bị công nghệ/ mạng xã hội
  • Ví dụ: During the weekend getaway, I decided to unplug from my devices and enjoy nature.

6, to get closer to nature (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to spend time outdoors and engage with the natural world.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: gần gũi với thiên nhiên
  • Ví dụ: Camping trips allow you to get closer to nature and appreciate its beauty.

7, to escape/quit/get out of/leave the rat race (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to break free from a competitive and stressful lifestyle focused on material success.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: Trốn khỏi/bỏ/thoát khỏi/rời khỏi guồng quay cuộc sống
  • Ví dụ: She decided to leave the rat race and pursue a more fulfilling and relaxed life in the countryside.

8, seek/achieve a better/healthy work-life balance (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to strive for and attain a better equilibrium between work and personal life that promotes well-being.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tìm kiếm/đạt được sự cân bằng công việc-cuộc sống tốt hơn/lành mạnh
  • Ví dụ: The decision to downsize his job was a step toward achieving a better work-life balance.

9, to depend on/be employed in/work in agriculture (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to rely on or have a job in the field of farming and cultivating crops.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: phụ thuộc vào/làm việc trong ngành nông nghiệp
  • Ví dụ: Many people in the rural area depend on agriculture as their primary source of income.

10, to downshift to a less stressful life (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to transition to a lifestyle with reduced stress and pressures.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: thay đổi thành lối sống ít áp lực hơn
  • Ví dụ: He decided to downshift from his demanding corporate job to a less stressful life in a quieter town.

11, to enjoy/love/explore the great outdoors (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to take pleasure in, have affection for, or discover outdoor activities and nature.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: thích/yêu thích/khám phá hoạt động ngoài trời
  • Ví dụ: During the summer, families often enjoy camping trips to explore the great outdoors together.

12, to enjoy the relaxed/slower pace of life (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to take pleasure in a lifestyle that is less rushed and more leisurely.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: tận hưởng nhịp sống thư giãn/chậm hơn
  • Ví dụ: Moving to the countryside allowed them to enjoy the relaxed pace of life and appreciate simple pleasures.

13, to limit the chance to access amenities (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to reduce the opportunity to use or access facilities or services.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt: hạn chế khả năng tiếp cận tiện ích.
  • Ví dụ: Living in a remote area may limit the chance to access amenities like shopping centers and entertainment venues.

Xu hướng di chuyển từ nông thôn lên thành phố 

1, the massive influx of migrants (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a significant and sudden increase in the number of people moving to a particular place.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt sự tràn đầy lớn của người di cư
  • Ví dụ: The city experienced a massive influx of migrants seeking better job opportunities.

2, high population density (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: the concentration of people within a specific area, often resulting in overcrowding.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt mật độ dân số cao
  • Ví dụ: Due to the limited space and high population density, housing costs in the city have skyrocketed.

3, influx of immigrants (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a large number of people moving into a country or region from another country.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt dòng người nhập cư (tiêu cực)
  • Ví dụ: The government struggled to manage the influx of immigrants, leading to concerns about housing and resources.

4, emigrant /ˈem.ɪ.ɡrənt/ (noun)

  • Định nghĩa: a person who leaves their own country to live in another.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt người di cư
  • Ví dụ: She became an emigrant, moving to another country to pursue a career in a new environment.

5, loss of trained workers (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: the departure of skilled and qualified individuals from a certain region or industry.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt chảy máu chất xám
  • Ví dụ: The country’s strict immigration policies led to a loss of trained workers who sought opportunities abroad.

6, a (fiercely) competitive job market (noun phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: a situation in which there is a strong rivalry among job seekers for a limited number of job openings.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt thị trường việc làm (khốc liệt) cạnh tranh
  • Ví dụ: In a fiercely competitive job market, candidates need to have exceptional skills and experience to stand out.

7, to seek/find employment/ employment opportunities (verb phrase)

  • Định nghĩa: to actively look for and secure a job or job openings.
  • Nghĩa Tiếng Việt tìm kiếm/tìm thấy cơ hội việc làm
  • Ví dụ: She moved to the city to seek better employment opportunities and build a career in her chosen field.

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